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Practice Admin

A collection of articles to help with your practice admin

NotificationsHow to turn on Desktop Notifications and Troubleshooting Desktop Notification Error
Bulk Editing AppointmentsHow to edit a group of appointments in one go, such as to inform all patients of a cancellation by the practice.
Site SettingsSettings for your site: Opening Hours, Name & Address, Default Payment Plan, Logo, Referrals
Booking AppointmentsHow to book an appointment from the calendar and the Treatment Plan
How to audit a patient's appointmentLet's take a look at how you can audit a specific appointment against a patient to see the journey of that appointment.
How to show practitioner availability in the calendarBest practice for updating your calendar to reflect working patterns, expected and unexpected absences.
How to use the calendar override to update practitioner availabilityMark a practitioner as unavailable in the calendar by quickly updating their availability in the calendar override on a given day.
How to use schedules to show practitioner availabilityUse schedules to build practitioner calendars and diaries, as well as setting working patterns, holidays and cleaning breaks.
How to show annual leave/time off in the calendarUse schedules or the calendar override feature to block the calendar off for annual leave and time off.
How to edit or delete an existing scheduleEditing and deleting schedules which have previously been created.
How to layer multiple schedules at the same timeHow to layer schedules to account for varying availability throughout the month/year.
How to add and amend practitioner breaks in the calendarAdding, amending and deleting breaks in the calendar using the schedule and override features.