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How to use the calendar override to update practitioner availability
How to use the calendar override to update practitioner availability

Mark a practitioner as unavailable in the calendar by quickly updating their availability in the calendar override on a given day.

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πŸ“ Please note: The override feature is useful for ad hoc/last-minute availability changes. For regular working patterns and longer-term absences such as annual leave, use schedules.

How do I use the calendar override feature?

You can use the calendar override function to quickly update a practitioner's availability.

πŸ’‘ Top tip: This removes the need to book 'fake' appointments to block out the calendar - which would impact the accuracy of your utilisation reporting.

  1. Head to the 'Calendar' using the toolbar on the left-hand side, and click on the practitioner's name along the top of the calendar (this is not possible in 'List' view).

  2. You can adjust the practitioner's start or end time. If someone is no longer available for the whole day, you can mark them as 'Unavailable' and the whole day will be blocked out. You can also use this function to add breaks into someone's day as a one-off.

  3. Once you've made changes, click 'Save'. The team member's availability will now be blocked off in the calendar to reflect your changes.

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πŸ“ Please note: This feature is available to all Level 4 users. To enable someone below Level 4 to have this access, go to 'Settings' > 'Users' > 'πŸ“ Edit', then scroll down to 'Security' and tick 'Can override practitioner schedules?'.

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