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NHS Claim Changes 1st October 2022 - Part 1: Promoting Skills Mix
NHS Claim Changes 1st October 2022 - Part 1: Promoting Skills Mix

NHS Claims rules update CCN49

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As you may know, October 1st 2022 brings about 3 sets of significant changes to the information included on NHS England claims dated on or after that date.

This document deals with change notification CCN49, specifically:

  • Setting up Dental Care Professional Details in Dentally

  • Submitting a claim containing Dental Care Professional information

Overview of Change:

In NHSE’s letter titled Outcome of 2022/23 Dental Contract Negotiations, one of the changes relates to the promoting of skills mix in the dental practice. This change removes administrative barriers preventing dental therapists, hygienists, dental nurses and clinical technicians (hereafter referred to as Dental Care Professionals – DCPs), operating within their scope of practice and competence from opening courses of treatment.

To enable DCPs to submit FP17s, England will be using, as an interim solution, the ability to submit DCP details as part of the FP17 claim in England from 01/10/2022.

This includes a DCP GDC Number for the DCP who may have carried out all or some of a course of treatment and an indicator to show in what capacity they operated.

The GDC Number, if entered, would be validated against the GDC list held on the Compass database.

There must however still be a dentist’s Performer Id recorded on the claim, even if the DCP carried out all of the treatment.

Note that this is not required on FP17O orthodontic claims.

What does this mean in Dentally?

Once a Practitioner in Dentally has been configured as a DCP type, any claim with the start date on or after 01/10/2022 can include the details of a DCP who contributed to that claim. This is not a mandatory entry when submitting the claim and only one DCP can be added to a claim alongside the dentist for whom the claim is being submitted.

Setting up DCP details in Dentally:

NHS sites in England can now record the DCP 'type' against a practitioner's settings. This is accessed from Settings>Users>Practitioners:

Against the relevant Practitioner, record the Practitioner's DCP type using the defined list. As a GDC number is required to send claims containing DCP information, Dentally will not allow the user to save a Practitioner's settings containing a DCP type until a GDC number has also been recorded.

Practitioners in Dentally can be configured ahead of 01/10/2022. The option to include DCP details on an NHS claim will only be shown on claims with a start date on or after 01/10/2022.

Submitting a claim containing DCP information:

Where an NHS claim is being submitted where the start date of the claim is on or after 01/10/2022, the user can select a relevant DCP from a drop down option on the claim submission screen:

Note: The Practitioners shown in the DCP option are limited to those with DCP details.

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