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How to change the practice opening hours

How to change your practice's opening/working hours in the settings section of Dentally.

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How do I edit the practice opening hours?

  • Go to 'Settings' > 'Sites' (and if you are a multi-site practice, click on the site you want to edit).

  • Click the 'Calendar' tab.

  • Here, you can toggle any day on/off. If your practice is completely closed on a certain day, turn that day off using the tick box.

  • To edit the opening/closing times, click on the numbers underneath the day, and type in your chosen time.

  • When you are finished, make sure you click 'Save'.

With these changes, your calendar will be updated to show all practitioners as unavailable outside of those hours. Read more about how unavailability is displayed in the calendar here.

If you wish to further customise the calendar to show practitioners as unavailable at particular times, you can do so using schedules or the override feature.

πŸ“ Please note: You must have the correct permissions to do this. Permissions are customisable by Level 4 users at your practice.

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