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The Multi-site switcher
The Multi-site switcher

Use the multi-site switcher to ensure patient and practitioner records are assigned correctly, for practitioner and non-practitioner

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Use the Multi-site switcher to ensure that if you work at different practices, the work is recorded against the correct location. This applies to both practitioners and non-practitioners.

When you first log in to Dentally on a multi site system, Dentally will ask where you are working today.

Dentally multi-site switch tool


  • A practitioner has one login with a default site that selects where they 'are' when they log in.

  • Practitioners need to have an identity for each site they are working at, so that patient records, treatment plan items, payments etc are all recorded at the correct location (Dr Smith - London, Dr Smith - Newcastle, etc). This is important for reporting purposes.

  • When a practitioner logs in to Dentally, they are asked to select which site they are working at so that Dentally can assign the correct location.

If your practitioners have more than one login, more than one user in Settings >Users, and more than one email address for Dentally, this needs to be changed - see this web page for help on how to do this.


Non-practitioners who work at multiple sites, also use the multi-site switcher to select their correct location.

This allows them, for example, to ensure that they see the correct appointment book, the correct patients for that site, assign payments correctly, and run the correct reports for that site.

Switching the views on the calendar simply allows users to see the other sites' diaries and book things in, the user still stays logged in to their current location, but can view the other sites' books. If they have no access to the other sites, they can't see the diary, or run reports and the patient search does not display the patients from those other sites.

Changing site

You can always see at a glance which site you are located at and at which location Dentally is using for assigning work. Look at the top right of the calendar.

Dentally top menu bar showing location data

To change site,

  • click on the location

  • select the desired location from the multi-site switcher tool

  • select Done

For an overview of all the features available to mutli-site practices, take a look at our support document giving an overview of multi-site features.

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