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Multisite practitioner management
Multisite practitioner management

Logging in as and reporting on a practitioner working across multiple dental practices ...

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Once your user account is set up to work across multiple sites, when you log into Dentally you will be asked to select which site you are currently working at that day.

It is important that you chose the correct location so that any information you record against a patient’s record will reflect the location you have chosen.

Viewing your diary

From the calendar if you would like to view your diary at another site you work at, simply use the location icon at the top of the calendar and switch between your locations.

💡 Top tip: Remember, if you record anything on a patient's record at this point it will record against the location selected at sign-in.


Any reports that you can access will now have a location filter so that you can view specific information for the different sites where you work.

Want more information on setting up a practitioner across a multi-site? Then take a read of our dedicated help article here.

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