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An Overview of multi-site features
An Overview of multi-site features

An overview of multi-site features, calendar, correspondence, sundries, tasks, permissions

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An overview of the features for multi-site practices.

Permissions to see multiple site information

You can only change sites to see that site’s information if you have permission to do so. You might want to see another site's inbox, or calendar, for example.

You need Level 4 (Administrator) permissions to change User settings.

Go to Settings > Users > Edit the user's permissions >Sites. Your options are access all sites, or restrict to this site only. If a user is restricted to one site, they can only see that site information - the inbox for correspondence, the appointment diary, reports for that site.

If you find that you cannot see a particular site’s information, first ask your colleagues with Level 4 (Administrator) permissions to take a look at your User settings and see if you have site specific restrictions. If a level 4 user cannot see if you have site-specific restrictions enabled, please get in touch with us to enable this for you.

Multi-site switcher

The multi-site switcher makes it simple for users who work across multiple sites to login to Dentally with one user account.

Dentally Multi-site picker

A User logs in with their usual Dentally login, and, if they are set up as users on multiple sites, the multi-site switcher allows them to select where they are working that day.

For Practitioners, all of the work they perform will be allocated to the site they select in this screen. They will see their calendar for that site; the correct practitioner will be recorded on payments and treatment plan lines. They will be able to see Reports (if they have the correct permissions) for that site, including Waiting lists, and Recalls, etc.

For non-practitioners, they will be able to see the appointment books and practitioners available, reports and treatment plans, at those sites.

If a non-practitioner moves site, they should use the site selector so that all payments etc are filtered to just that site.

For more information about this, take a look at our help pages Practitioners working across multiple sites and The multi-site switcher

For non-practitioners, i.e. Receptionists who need to see multiple site appointment books, they must have access to the site set in Settings > Users > Sites before they can select sites rom the appointment book site selector. Switching the sites on the calendar allows them to see the other site's diaries and book things in.

Dentally Top bar showing location data for all sites

If they have no access to the other sites, users cannot see the diary, or run reports and the patient search does not display the patients from those other sites.


Dentally Tasks icon seen from the main menu

Multi-site practices can now filter tasks by site.

A task is considered linked to a site if

1. the assignee belongs to the site,

2. the attached patient belongs to the site.

Tasks with no patient or assignee will appear on all the task lists on all sites.

The site filter when creating a new task only limits the users who appear in the dropdown menu.

To find out more about how to create and locate Tasks, take a look at our support document here.


Inbox Filter

Dentally Inbox showing 3  unread items

For an in depth look at incoming correspondence for all sites, take a look at our web page Incoming Correspondence

In a multiple-site practice, the inbox defaults to the site which you are logged in to, and have selected with the multi-site picker.

If you have access only to a specific site, or sites, you will only be able to see the correspondence for that site, and unassigned correspondence.

Unread Correspondence

In a multi-site practice, the number of unread emails shows for the location you are logged in at, not every practice in the group.

If you change the inbox site using the filter option, the unread counter does not change to the number of unread items for that site.

You will see the blue dot on the SMS or Email tabs showing unread messages. This does not change if you change the inbox filter. For example if you read all the incoming correspondence for your site, if other sites have unread correspondence, you will still see the blue dot, indicating there are unread SMS or emails in one of the practices.

Unassigned Correspondence

Your Dentally inbox defaults to the site you have selected in the multi-site switcher when you first logged in. You see the number of unassigned SMS and email for all locations, and not simply those of your site.

All sites can see the unassigned messages. As the correct patient record is unknown, it cannot be allocated to an individual site. You can allocate your site patients but have to leave other patients to other sites to allocate, depending on your user permission levels.

Correspondence template per site

Correspondence templates allocated to a particular site can only be seen and used if the practitioner is logged on to that site in the multi-site picker.

Correspondence templates without a location specified, can be seen and used on all sites.

For help with correspondence templates, take a look at our help page.



If a user has access to multiple sites, they will see all the appointment diaries for the sites for which they have access.

If a user is restricted to one site only, they will only be able to see and make appointments for that site.

For more information about how to use the diary to book appointments, take a look at our help page.


You can select the appointments list for a specific site from the Dashboard site filter.

Dentally Appointment Dashboard showing multiple sites options


Real time reporting is simple to use in Dentally for multi-site practices. Use the extensive report filters to view and manipulate data recorded against a single site, a specific practitioner at a particular site, or to undertake a view of your business as a whole with all sites included.

Dentally Reports location selector

Ensure you have selected the correct location filter for the report, or select All to see your entire business.

Sundry Items

You can add Sundry items to a specific site.

Dentally Sundry items location selector

Go to Settings > Treatments> Sundries and select the site if appropriate.

If you do not select an individual location, the sundry items appear on all site lists.

For help with adding sundry items take a look at our web page Configure sundry items

Online Appointment Booking

Online Appointment Booking enables patients from Multi-Site Practices to select which site (location) they would like to make an appointment.

Patients first select the location/practice and then select their appointment. See here for more information

For more information about how to use the multi-site switcher take a look at our support document - The multi-site switcher

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