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How to set up and use Two-Factor Authentication
How to set up and use Two-Factor Authentication

How to set up Two Factor Authentication on a user account. One time password OTP, SMS, 2FA

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Dentally has always taken the security of your data very seriously. We have added the ability to increase your security levels for all users of Dentally, regardless of their working location. 

Two-Factor Authentication is perfect for you if your team are now having to work remotely away from your dental practice, taking care of admin and dealing with telephone triage appointments. This will help you to add an additional layer of security while working from home.

What does Two-Factor Authentication mean?

Two-Factor Authentication - or 2FA - means that each time a user logs in to Dentally, they must add an additional security layer, verifying that they have legitimate use of the software. It is a stronger, more secure way of logging in to Dentally than simply using a username and password.

What has Dentally had previously?

Two-Factor Authentication, or 2FA, is not new to Dentally. It has always been available on every user's account, using an SMS code to your phone.
The new 2FA set up means that you can choose to use a 3rd party app to generate a secure one-time password (OTP) as well as the SMS code.

Set up Two-Factor Authentication on your account

To set up 2FA you go to My Account, from your user Actions button, top right of your Dentally screen.

my account tab

From My account, click on Security


Select the type of two-factor authentication you require.


Your options are:

  •  SMS - A code is sent to your mobile via SMS (mobile number is required).

  • SMS and OTP - In addition to a code being sent via SMS, a code generated from an OTP (One Time Password) app such as Google Authenticator can be entered. This can be useful when you are unable to receive SMS.

  • OTP Only - A login code is generated by an OTP app but no SMS code is sent. This can be sometimes be considered even more secure as the code is not transmitted across the phone network. 

Additional Steps to confirm your choice

For each method of two-factor authentication, you will need to go through additional steps. Rest assured you only need to go through these steps once.

Confirm SMS

To add an SMS Device, a one-time password is sent to the number listed on your details. Click on the SMS Code to send the code to your phone.

  •  You need to enter the code you receive into the box on the screen, where it says SMS Code.

resend sms codes

  •  You now need to confirm the changes.

Confirm OTP only

To use a one time password (OTP) you will need to use a 3rd party app like Google Authenticator or Authy.

  •  When you open the 3rd Party app, scan in the barcode generated by Dentally.

  •  Add the code generated by the app into Dentally, in the box marked "App OTP code".

  • Confirm the changes.

Confirm OTP and SMS

  •  If you select Confirm OTP and SMS, you will first be asked to go through the SMS authentication steps, and secondly go through the confirm OTP steps.

  •  Confirm the Changes.

Confirm Two-Factor Authentication changes

After you have selected your preferred method of two-factor authentication, you will need to type in your current password to save the changes and activate your selected method of two-factor authentication.

activate 2fa

Two Factor Authentication and password reset

If you have Two-Factor Authentication turned on and request a password reset, you will be sent a message asking for an authentication code.
You need to enter a Two-Factor Authentication code from your app, when you get the email or see this message box.

dentally 2fa

Turn Off / Deactivate Two-Factor Authentication

If you wish to turn off, or deactivate two-factor authentication, go to your User Action button > My Account > Security > Deactivate 2FA.

In order to Deactivate two-factor authentication, you will need to enter your current password and click Deactivate 2FA button.

Additional Help

If you would like additional help with two-factor authentication, please contact the Dentally Support team on

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