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How to edit a charged treatment?

Wrong tooth or treatment charted or treatment in the wrong appointment? Then take a read on how to edit a charged treatment plan below πŸ‘‡

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There are four steps to editing a charged treatment

Logically it doesn't make sense to be able to edit things that have already been charged/completed, therefore Dentally does not allow you to remove or edit items on a charged/completed invoice/treatments.

This means we will need to follow the below instructions to unlock, resubmit, and untick your treatments so they can be edited/deleted...

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Remove the invoice

Firstly, identify if your invoice is locked or not. If it has a padlock next to the invoice like the example image below πŸ‘‡ Head over to our 'How to delete an invoice' article that shows you how to unlock your invoice first...

How to delete an unlocked invoice?

  • Navigate to the patient's account tab

  • Click the bin icon to the right of the invoice

Invoices can only be deleted this way when it is not locked and when you are logged in as a user with the correct permissions to delete invoices. Ideally, an administrator but this can vary depending on how your security is set up.

Untick the treatment on the treatment plan

  • Once the invoice has been removed head back over to the patient's chart screen

  • Locate the items on the chart and untick the tick box

Edit or delete the treatment

The treatment can then be edited or deleted as required directly from the patient's chart screen

Mark as complete and charge/submit as normal

Once the treatment is correct,Β the invoice can be recreated by charging the treatment again as normal.

If you need to re-create the invoice for a date other than the date you are re-creating it, remember to use the Set Charge Date option under the arrow next to Charge treatment.

Lastly, navigate back to the patient's account tab and assign any invoices back to the payments as needed. Not sure on how to do this? Then take a read of this help article on how to allocate payments and invoices.

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