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June 2024 - Changelog
June 2024 - Changelog

Our monthly product update and newsletter are here to keep you informed on what is happening here at Dentally.

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Welcome to the June 2024 Product Update!

Find out about the latest features and improvements we’ve brought to Dentally this month! 🌟

You can use the below buttons to navigate to specific sections, or browse the whole Changelog at your leisure! 🦷

Key for your reference:

🌟 Improved, 🐛 Bug Fix, 🆕 New, 👨‍💻 Beta

All regions 🌎

🆕 New: Break management feature

The 'Update practitioner availability' calendar override feature now includes the ability to add, amend and delete breaks, meaning you can make one-off changes to new and existing breaks, even if they’re in a schedule! This will help to ensure your team’s availability is accurate, improving your practitioner availability reporting.

🆕 New: Number of images in patient chart

The ‘Images’ tab in the patient chart now displays the number of images stored for the patient. This makes it easier to keep track of the patient’s image history at a glance, without needing to open the tab and check.

🆕 New: Filter mode in ‘Payment Allocations’ report for multi-site users

We've added a new filter mode to the ‘Payment Allocations’ report, allowing multi-site users to filter allocations either based on where the payment originated, or where the work was completed.

This change also adds a second table to the ‘Payment Allocation Totals’ report to highlight allocations for practitioners at the current site that originated from other sites.

Both features will make it easier to understand allocations where payments originated from one site but used to pay for treatment at another. This feature is being rolled out gradually, so if you don't see it now, it will be coming soon.

🌟 Improved: Treatment list order sorting in ‘Chart’ screen

We recently introduced the ability to select the order of your treatment list while treatment planning or base charting. You can now sort by either ‘code’ or ‘treatment’ nomenclature. It will now display how this list is currently ordered with a tick, to help your selection.

🌟 Improved: Tooth icon alignment in Perio exam

There was a discrepancy with the way some of the teeth lined up against the ‘zero’ line on the Perio chart, which was exacerbated when you had implants in place, because they were lined up perfectly. This has now been improved to resolve the issue.

🌟 Improved: New patient ‘Details’ screen

We have updated the patient ‘Details' page to include the patient's emergency contact details, the ability to expand and collapse the family members section for large families, and the repositioning of certain fields to help improve the page layout. Read our guide on using and understanding the patient ‘Details’ here.

🌟 Improved: Switching to Base Chart mode

Switching to the Base Chart mode in the patient’s chart screen now automatically filters the treatment list to show base chartable treatments. Previously, users would have seen ones which weren’t suitable for the base chart, and had to scroll to find the ones they needed.

🌟 Improved: Easier search functionality in the ‘Patients’ report

It is now easier to search in the ‘Patients’ report, if you have a lot of saved segments. Now instead of scrolling, if your report has over 15 saved segments, you can type in the name, making for a smoother workflow and giving you more time to focus on other tasks. Read our guide on using the ‘Patients’ report here.

🐛 Bug Fix: We've fixed an issue where printing the ‘Payments’ report sometimes included empty rows for payment methods that users didn’t have at their site.

🐛 Bug Fix: We fixed an issue where the 'Closed days' toggle in the calendar was not updating the calendar view straightaway.

UK-specific 🇬🇧

🌟Improved: Improved Treatment Plan workflow

When a completed Treatment Plan is re-opened and new Treatment Plan items are added, the completion date of the plan will be updated to reflect the last completed treatment.

🌟 Improved: Under 18/26 exemptions

In England, Wales and Scotland, under 18/26 exemptions will now be recalculated if you change the patient's date of birth. New exemptions will be automatically created if they are applicable, and existing ones will show their expiration date correctly.

🐛 Bug Fix: We've fixed an issue where filtering the 'UDA Forecast’ report by ‘Status’ sometimes included additional plans with a different status.

AU-specific 🇦🇺

🌟 Improved: Medicare codes now available in Vision Procedure list

Previously it wasn’t possible to use the ‘Acquire first’ workflow when using Medicare codes with Dentally Vision. These codes have now been added to your procedure lists so you can ‘Acquire first’. Read more about Medicare codes with our handy guide here.

🐛 Bug Fix: We've fixed an issue where payments taken within an hour of UTC midnight on the last day of the month may have appeared on allocation reports for both months. This has been corrected so they will only appear once, on the correct month.

Dentally Portal 📲

🆕 New: Capture emergency contact information

We’re in the process of adding emergency contact information capture to Dentally Portal! This update will integrate seamlessly into the New Patient booking process and Patient Portal, making it easier for patients to input or update their emergency contact details. Save time and reduce admin workload with this new feature. Look out for it in the New Patient booking process, Patient Portal, and task reminders service. Can’t see it yet? It’ll be on its way soon.

🔜 Coming Soon: Concierge, your NEW Dentally Portal app (early access)

Streamline your practice reception with our upcoming tablet app Concierge 🎉, now supporting both Android and Apple devices. Save time in practice by having patients complete their forms digitally on a tablet. Want to be among the first to experience Concierge? Speak to us to join the release waitlist now 🚀

🌟Improved: Shortened Portal links

Links for payments, medical histories and routine appointments have been shortened to 8 characters so that they look more genuine and less suspicious to unfamiliar users.

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