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April 2024 - Changelog
April 2024 - Changelog

Our monthly product update and newsletter are here to keep you informed on what is happening here at Dentally.

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Welcome to the April 2024 Product Update. Explore all the latest features and improvements on Dentally - and this month, it's a big one! 🌟

You can use the below buttons to navigate to specific sections, or browse the whole Changelog at your leisure! 🦷

Key for your reference:

🌟 Improved ,πŸ› Bug Fix , πŸ†• New, πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Beta

All regions 🌎

πŸ†• New: All-new features on Dentally Vision! πŸ’‘

We have released a number of new features for Dentally Vision, including:

  • Phosphor plate imaging capabilities - including stackable images, twain device pixel size setting, custom sharpness, undelete functionality, recovering images and resuming exams. Read more about these updates here - but remember! You'll need to update your acquisition agent in order to get the benefit of all these new features.

  • Grading Report - now available to Vision users, read all about the radiograph report and how to use it here!

πŸ†• New: Unsubscribe links included in marketing emails

To meet global marketing regulations and email client rules, all emails that use a marketing template will include 'Unsubscribe' links, making it easier to update the patient's marketing consent. This does not affect the deliverability of non-marketing emails. Please ensure you correctly identify your marketing templates in 'Settings'.

πŸ†• New: Patient recall booking link tag

Available to practices using Online Booking, the new merge tag is ideal for use in recall templates, replacing the generic Portal sign-in link. The recall booking link significantly reduces the action required by the patient, by asking for their Date of Birth before directing them to the dental and/or hygiene recall booking action.

🌟 Improved: Link appointments from a treatment plan

The new 'Link Appointment' button is designed to streamline your workflow and can now be done directly from a treatment plan!

With this improved feature, users can now click the 'Link Appointment' button on the patient chart to access a list of suitable calendar appointments, eliminating the need for navigating between tabs. Find out more about this new small but mighty button here!

🌟 Improved: Treatment Plan saving update

Treatment plan templates can now be saved as personal to a user - they no longer need to be saved as available to anyone. This means your personal templates will be easier to find and can not be used or deleted by other users. Read more about creating treatment plan templates here.

🌟 Improved: Improvements made to treatment plan re-ordering

We have made this more reliable, and allowed the re-ordering of completed treatment items.

🌟 Improved: Improvements to how Perio exams are saved

You will now be prompted more reliably when navigating away from an unsaved Perio exam, and changes made to the 6PPC or P&B are saved automatically when changing the input area of the exam. Read more about charting Perio exams here.

🌟 Improved: Updated rules for the πŸ†• patient badge

The 'New patient' badge will now display against the patient until the day after their first completed appointment, helping you to keep track of new patients and see who might need a follow-up.

🌟 Improved: Re-booked appointment recall reporting improvement

Previously, if a user cancelled and re-booked appointments as a method of moving the appointment, there was a scenario where the recall record showed that the recall was temporarily unbooked. We now give users 24hr to re-book the cancelled appointment before showing a recall record in the report, to improve recall reporting accuracy.

🌟 Improved: Cancelled recall appointments workflow improvements

We've made a change so that when a recall appointment is cancelled, the unbooked recall will now be picked up by an automated workflow (if a suitable one exists) and the patient will start receiving communication. If the recall was already in a workflow, then in most cases the communications will restart.

🌟 Improved: Simplified messages screen

The bulk messages screen is now split into multiple pages (rather than one long single page), making it faster to read and navigate.

🌟 Improved: Simplified recall workflows screen

We've simplified the recall workflows list screen by splitting it into multiple pages, to improve loading time and make navigation easier. We've also added filters to make it simpler to find workflows for your chosen location.

🌟 Improved: Workflow improvement

When cutting appointments in a treatment plan to move them to another plan, once you have cut the appointment, you will remain in the original plan you cut from, so you can continue to move any others if you wish, and then you can navigate to the other plan when you are ready.

🌟 Improved: Improvements to viewing incoming messages

Following user feedback, we made a change to the chat for incoming messages. The chat will now display in orange and is slightly larger, making it easier to spot your new messages without interfering with your work.

πŸ› Bug Fix: Some users found issues when charting certain treatments on a tooth where an icon was directly charted beneath - this has now been resolved.

πŸ› Bug Fix: We have improved Perio exams to fix a bug where changing the 'View' setting while in 'Compare exam' mode caused 'Compare mode' to be closed.

πŸ› Bug Fix: We have resolved an issue where minimising the left side panel on reports would occasionally prevent access to the navigation buttons.

πŸ›Bug Fix: Some file types were not processing correctly when being uploaded as attachments, but this has now been resolved.

UK-specific πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

🌟 Improved: For NHS only

We've pushed through the new patient fees for NHS England & Wales for the new financial year - this will update automatically, so you don't need to do anything! Check out the NHS website for more info on the new fees.

🌟 Improved: For NHS Northern Ireland only

We've added two new treatment codes: 2821U and 2821L to indicate whether additional impressions were required for repairs to the Upper or Lower denture, enabling more accurate calculation of dentist fees.

🌟 Improved: For NHS England & Wales only

Treatment plans can be marked as Regulation 11 replacement from within the 'Treatment Plan Settings' screen. This means that the correct patient charge can now be set there, without the need to open the 'NHS Claim' screen. Read more about claiming Regulation 11 here.

🌟 Improved: For NHS England & Wales only

Improvements have been made to the 'Edit Practitioner' screen to help when adding DCP details. Find out more about this with our NHS CCN63 help guide.

🌟 Improved: For NHS England & Wales only

Treatment items marked as 'Urgent' or 'Free repair' will display this information when viewing the treatment plan, to the left of the 'Notes' text box.

🌟 Improved: For NHS Scotland only

Support has been added for SDR163 from April 1st.

Dentally Portal πŸ—“οΈ

πŸ†• New: Capture missing patient details

This brilliant new feature aims at enhancing patient data accuracy and reducing administrative burdens on practice staff. The 'Complete your details' patient action card is designed to prompt patients to update missing information in their patient records, ensuring that your practice has the most current and accurate data for your patients.

At the moment, patients will be encouraged to enter their email address, phone number, home address and acquisition source for new patients, but we hope to keep expanding on this. Expect to see this change in the new patient booking process, Patient Portal and as part of our Task Reminders service.

πŸ†• New: 'Routine Appointment' action cards

We have successfully launched the 'Routine appointment' action cards for patients. This new patient-facing action card enhances the booking process for routine dental and hygiene appointments significantly by simplifying the booking process as much as possible. Patients due or overdue for their routine appointments will see the action cards, urging them to book.

Early statistics already indicate an improvement in the booking process, with over a 5% increase in efficiency. This feature marks a significant step forward in our commitment to simplifying and improving the patient booking experience. πŸš€

πŸ†• New: Simplified address entry

As part of our new 'Complete your details' action card, and to make the process of entering addresses as easy as possible, we've integrated a new address look-up feature for patients to use. This not only ensures cleaner address data but also significantly simplifies the data entry process for patients, making it quicker and more user-friendly. Find out more about our simplified 'Complete your details' process here.

πŸ†• New: Source acquisition capture for Dentally Portal users

Now it's easier than ever to understand acquisition sources for new patients! Patients can tell you where they heard about you, so you can optimise your marketing strategies and allocate resources more effectively.

In order to benefit from this feature, you'll need to take a couple of steps to enable it on Portal. Find out more about how to use acquisition sources on Portal with our helpful guide, and start optimising your acquisition strategy!

πŸ”œ Coming Soon: Routine appointment quick-booking links

Routine appointment quick-booking links are a pivotal update with a singular focus: to significantly enhance the efficiency and accessibility of booking routine dental and hygiene appointments online. By allowing patients to book appointments directly through a simple verification process on Portal using their date of birth, without the need to log into or create a Portal account, we're not only streamlining the booking experience but also reducing the administrative effort on your staff.

This update, once it's live, will aim to minimise routine appointment-related phone calls, thereby enabling your staff to dedicate more time to critical tasks and enhancing the patient's overall in-practice experience. Find out more about using data tags to generate quick-booking links here.

🌟 Improved: Brand new URL for Dentally Portal! πŸ”—

We've changed the URL for the Dentally Portal Manage App to - making it easier to find! We recommend updating any bookmarks you have saved to the new URL - but don't worry, the old links will still work until 1st December 2024! Read more over on our news centre here!

🌟Improved: Patient booking workflow update

We've streamlined the booking process for new patients, reducing the initial information required for a patient to book an appointment. Details such as address, email address, and acquisition source will now be collected post-booking, using the 'Complete your details' action card. This change is aiming to enhance the online booking experience and increase new patient registrations online.

πŸ› Bug Fix: We have resolved an issue where new patients booking an appointment were not being asked for their email and address.

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