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July 2023 - Changelog
July 2023 - Changelog

Details of all the Dentally features and changes you can expect to see in July 2023. Read the full product update below πŸ‘‡

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Welcome to our July 2023 Product Update

Our monthly Product Update and Newsletter are here to keep you informed about what is happening here at Dentally.

You can use the below to navigate to the relevant section or browse the whole Changelog at your leisure;

*Key for your reference; 🌟 Improved ,πŸ› Bug Fix , πŸ†• New, πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Beta*

ALL Regions

🌟Improved: Improved notes formatting in Clinical Side Panel

Formatting such as bold, underline, etc added to clinical notes now displays when viewing notes in the clinical side panel.

🌟Improved: Tooth Notation Improvements in Clinical Side Panel

Tooth-specific treatment information displayed in the clinical side panel now displays tooth notation following the practice settings for Palmer, ISO, etc.

🌟Improved: Updated treatment icon for incomplete extraction treatments

The previous 'X' icon for proposed extractions has been changed in line with industry standards to '/'. Completed extractions continue to remove the tooth from the base chart.

🌟Improved: Location added to the Payment Allocations Totals report

A new 'Site' column has been added to the Payment Allocations Totals report making it easier to identify cross-site payments for multi-site practices.

🌟Improved: Ordering amended on the Treatment History Export

The treatment history export now orders treatments by the date they were completed (from newest to oldest). You can decide if the export includes uncompleted treatments or not via the on-screen drop-down. When included, uncompleted treatments are grouped in a separate section at the end of the report.

πŸ›Bug Fix: Invoices Report Status Column formats 'paid on' value correctly

'Paid on' was not displaying correctly for paid invoices in the Invoices Report


🌟Improved: Multi-surface Updating

We have made improvements so that when the dentist opts in to multi-surface updating, the treatment items will update according to the number of surfaces selected on the chart. The same applies to anterior and posterior treatment items.

πŸ›Bug Fix: Heath Fund Estimate Visuals

Health Fund Estimates now show rebate values on the treatment plan item lines and also display the date the estimate was generated correctly.

Dentally Portal

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Beta: Secure link testing

we’re testing secure unique links for routine dental exams that you’ll be able to add to your recall templates. The links allow patients to book without logging in and selecting the appointment from a menu.

πŸ†• New: Book together now available to all users!

🌟Improved: reduced confirmation workload.

If a patient fills in their forms using Dentally Portal, we now assume that their intention is to come to the practice, so we mark the appointment as confirmed. This should help reduce the workload for reception.

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