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January 2023 - Changelog
January 2023 - Changelog

Details of all the Dentally features and changes you can expect to see in January 2023. Read the full product update below.

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Welcome to our January 2023 Product Update

Our monthly Product Update and Newsletter are here to keep you informed about what is happening here at Dentally.

You can use the below to navigate to the relevant section or browse the whole changelog at your leisure;

*Key for your reference; 🌟 Improved ,πŸ› Bug Fix , πŸ†• New*

ALL Regions

🌟 Unsaved Clinical notes process improvements

The warning displayed where a user attempts to navigate away from unsaved notes now asks the user to choose between saving all unsaved notes and continuing, or cancelling and returning to the treatment plan, where unsaved notes can be individually saved or changes cancelled. The treatment items with unsaved notes are displayed to the user on this warning message.


🌟 Contract Selection option restricted on validated NHS Claims

A change has been made to disallow the user from being able to change the selected contract on validated (complete or queried) NHS claims.

Validated claims sent with an incorrect contract must be withdrawn. This will prevent users from duplicating claims in an attempt to correct instances where the wrong contract has been used and will lead to a clearer resolution.

πŸ› Perio Exam Plaque & Bleeding Save button

The Save button has been reinstated in the Plaque & Bleeding portion of the Perio exam, enabling the exam to be saved from either screen.

πŸ› Change to calculated instances of Fillings and Extractions on NHS England claims

An issue with calculating the number of filled or extracted teeth that could cause the expected UDA value to differ from the received value has now been fixed.


🌟 Results count added to PRSI Claims report

Improvements have been made to the PRSI Claims report to include a results count aimed at making your reporting jobs easier.

πŸ› Issue when updating multiple Queried status claims in the PRSI Claims report

An issue with the PRSI claims report has been fixed and you will now be able to accurately report on multiple status claims at once.


πŸ†• Medicare Claims

Practices can now process Medicare CDBS claims using HICAPS and reconcile the claim once payment is received. Dentally records the details of the claim as it does for Health Fund claims.

Screenshot from Dentally showing what a Medicare claim looks like when ready to send in Dentally.
Screenshot from Dentally showing what a Medicare claim looks like when it is ready to send.

🌟Global address alignment

Address line 3 has now been added to ensure that addresses align globally once entered into Dentally.

πŸ› Suburb field

Fixed an issue in Australia where addresses entered via Dentally Portal were not being stored correctly.

πŸ› Prescriptions

Alignment issues have now been resolved.

Dentally Portal

πŸ†• Routine appointment task list items

To make it easier and faster for patients to find the right appointment when they receive a recall notification, we've added a task list item on the Dentally Portal homepage that links directly to the correct appointment category.

This change will help patients easily find and schedule their routine exams or hygiene appointments, ensuring they receive the care they need in a timely manner.

Screenshot of Dentally Portal on patients phone showing the task like they will see once logged into their Dentally Portal account.

🌟 Hygienist practice support

To better serve the growing market of hygienist-only practices, we've added the option to define a lapsed patient by a hygiene appointment in addition to a dental exam.

This change will allow routine hygiene appointments at hygienist-only practices, ensuring patients have access to the care they need.

Screenshot from Dentally Portals admin panel showing the ability to define a lapsed patient by their hygiene exam instead of their dental exam.

🌟 Practice Notifications

By sending Portal notifications directly to each site's inbox, rather than the head office marketing email address, we've made it easier for multi-site practices to stay informed about important events, such as appointment cancellations, within their own practice.

This change will help practices better manage their operations and provide better care to their patients.

🌟 Patient App Interface for Enhanced User Experience

To improve the patient app experience, we've removed the legacy front-end code and are now using a single framework. This will result in a more polished and consistent interface for patients.

🌟 Optimised API Data Cache

To improve the performance of the Patient and Manage apps, we've optimised the data cache. This will help ensure that both apps run smoothly and efficiently, providing a better experience for users.

πŸ› Practitioner allocations

We've fixed an issue that caused payments made through Stripe to not be properly assigned to practitioner, improving financial tracking and accuracy.

πŸ› AU Suburb field

Fixed an issue in Australia where addresses entered via Portal weren't being stored correctly.

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