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December 2022 - Changelog
December 2022 - Changelog

Please find below the changelog for December 2022 which summarises our latest product developments and updates.

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December Changelog - 2022

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🌟Improved: Irish Practice Invoice updates - new fields are now shown on the invoice, as detailed below:

  • Practitioner per treatment

  • Details of the practitioners and their gdc numbers on the bottom of the invoice.


🌟Improved: Invoice display

We added a total discount and subtotal on the invoice

🌟Improved: Updated Address Fields

The address fields in Dentally have now been updated, so they can be correctly used with relevant fields to the region. For example; in the UK, Town and County are used whereas in Australia we have Suburb and State. This is now set up specific to the region that the dental practice is based in.

πŸ› Bug Fix: Medicare

We fixed a few bugs relating to Medicare balance and prescriber validation

πŸ›Bug Fix: Prescriptions

We fixed a few bugs for the new PBS prescriptions

ALL Regions

Dentally Portal Updates

πŸ†• Over 1100 customers have been migrated to the new version of Portal

Enterprise DSOs, multi practice business, and single practices can now benefit from the enhancements and changes from our new apps: Enhanced diary control with session locking, individual practitioner appointment durations and an intuitive design.

πŸ†• Online Cancellations can now be turned off

We know that keeping on top of gaps in the diary is paramount to the success of the practices. For some practices, cancellations are preferred to be managed over the phone, so we have added the option to turn off patients being able to cancel their appointment online.

πŸ†• Patient site locking for multi sites

Multisite practices can now lock a patient to only book appointments at their dentally specified location. This means multisite practices can now choose to either let patients book at any practice within a configured brand, or just one.

🌟Improved: Reducing SMS resends for patient login.

We want to help cut down the number of SMS sent when patients log into Portal. With this in mind, we now stop patients from being able to immediately resend an SMS passcode with a 60-second resend lock. This has resulted in a 50% reduction in authentication SMS being resent.

πŸ†• Easier to find appointments

Appointments are now categorised to help patients find the right one. Patients viewing categories can easily compare similar services and their prices. For example - an existing patient viewing hygiene appointments can easily see which appointment is included in their plan, and what they can upgrade to.

πŸ†• Patients can now easily see their recall status

The recall status is now displayed to patients in the appointment selection, advising when they are due/overdue for a checkup or routine hygiene appointment. This should increase the number of patients booking outstanding appointments for exams and hygiene visits.

πŸ†• Bringing important tasks front and centre

We created the checklist to improve the completion rate of pre-appointment tasks and routine appointment bookings. The checklist is the first thing a patient sees and remains in place to show progress as tasks are completed. Checklist items are shortcuts to completing the task - linking directly to the form or appointment category they need to complete the task.

πŸ†• Scottish NHS Exam search locked to start from the recall date set in Dentally

To avoid the risk of dentists seeing patients too soon for an Exam causing payment issues. We've stopped patients from being able to search for availability prior to the recall date set in their patient file in Dentally. Going forward, you will have peace of mind that patients who book online will always be seen on or after their recall date.

If you have any queries then please do chat to our support team.

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