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June 2022 - Changelog
June 2022 - Changelog

Please find below the changelog for June 2022 which summarises our latest product developments and updates.

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πŸ†• New: Completing Treatments: Practitioner Name Change.

If the 'Provider Name Change' feature is turned on for the practice, then if an active practitioner (logged in user) tries to complete a treatment that is assigned to a different practitioner they will be given the option to re-assign the treatment’s practitioner to themselves.

The practitioner assigned to the treatment will be the practitioner reflected on the invoice once the treatment is charged and the practitioner who is allocated any resulting payments.

🌟 Improved: Improved performance for Taking Report export.

In some cases, where a large amount of data was being exported using the Takings report, the export could stop responding. We have changed how this export works, so the performance is greatly improved. We are working on moving all large report exports to this format.

🌟 Improved: Patient age filters in the Waiting List report.

The Waiting List report now allows the results to be filtered by a patient age range. This helps to give preference to patients in particular age ranges. For example, this can be used to help prioritise availability for patients in vulnerable age ranges or when using orthodontic wait lists for patients approaching the age of 18.

πŸ› Fixed: An issue where the new style Dentally banner appeared in front of longer tooth history when hovering over a tooth.

UK and Ireland

πŸ†• New: Republic of Ireland Automated recalls - Marketing Consent.

Automated recalls now take into account marketing consent. When practices in the Republic of Ireland wish to recall their patients, there is a requirement for there to be a record of consent from the patient. Our automated recalls workflows for users in Republic of Ireland now allow the user to configure the recall workflow settings to contact only those patients who have a positive Marketing Consent opt-in.

🌟 Improved: The NHS Claims report now filters the choice of contracts available to the site on display. This means for a multisite environment, where the user is running the report for a specific site, the appropriate contracts are easier to find.

πŸ› Fixed: An issue has been fixed where NHS patients with Universal Credit exemption did not display this properly on the iPad app when signing PR forms.

πŸ› Fixed: An issue where Dental Care Professionals, once selected on Welsh NHS claims could not be removed.


πŸ†• New: Hygienist Workflow

In Australia a provider number is needed to submit claims to a Health Fund. Some practitioners, like Hygienists, don't have provider numbers so the claim must be submitted using another practitioner's provider number. We have simplified the process for these practitioners to submit claims without affecting the amount they are paid.

Claim Provider Allocated

Hygienist Only Treatment

🌟Improved: HICAPS for Multisites

Dentally's HICAPS solution was originally built to work in practices that have a single site. Any practice with more than one site, could not have multiple HICAPS connections. This has now been changed to allow practices that have more than one site to have a HICAPS connection for each site.

🌟 Audit Trail for Discounts

We added a function to allow us to capture audit records of who is changing / adding discounts

πŸ› Bug Fixes: A few minor bug fixes relating to:

  • Claim workflows

  • HICAPS workflows

If you have any queries regarding our latest product updates, then please do speak to our support team.

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