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December 2021 - Changelog
December 2021 - Changelog

Please find below the changelog for December 2021 which summarises our latest product developments and updates.

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πŸ†• Additional Digital Imaging bridges

We have added DTX Studio, EzDent-i, i-Dixel and Acteon AIS to the list of digital imaging solutions which can be bridged from Dentally. This means that the software can be opened using a bridge from Dentally and the current patient details will be passed to the software to open existing images or to create a new patient record.

πŸ†• COMING SOON...Dentally Rotas:

We added a new feature called Rotas some time ago which is a more flexible method of setting your practitioner working hours. At the time of release, this feature was not compatible with the Gap Finder option in the calendar or our Online Booking portal. These now work seamlessly together - if you would like to know more about Rotas, please see our help guides here and contact support to have the feature enabled.


πŸ†• NHS England Update.

We have made all of the required updates for the NHS England CCN46 changes: You can find out more information here.

πŸ†• NHS Wales Update.

We have made all of the required updates for the NHS Wales CCN46 changes: You can find out more information here

πŸ†• NHS Scotland Update.

The new fees for Scotland are live in Dentally for the 1st December.

🌟 Improved: UDA/UOA Report. This now calculates Orthodontic UOA Awardment from the date of Appliance fitted. Previously, the UOA values were reported from the Acceptance date of the plan in the same way that UDA claims are calculated and reported. This brings the report in line with UOA award by NHSBSA.

🌟 Improved: NHS Claims Report. The Contract Name is now included in the NHS Claims report export. When reviewing UDA data over multiple contracts by means of the data export, it was previously difficult to link the claims data to a contract. The inclusion of the contract name in the export makes this easier.

🌟 Improved: More fields added to the public API. The orthodontic claim continuation part number and orthodontic claim marker have been added to the API.

πŸ†• Coming Soon: NHS Workflow.

Our team are working on designing and implementing a new workflow for sending NHS Claims. Our vision for this redesign is to make the required options for submitting NHS claims more simple to navigate and to reduce clicks. We will keep you posted with more details soon!


🌟Improved (AU): A new Health Fund claims page!

With the new functionality being added to delete claims and unexplain/reexplain claim payments, there needs to be a place for customers to keep track of the claims

We are working on adding additional features to this page which will be released soon! This should only affect practices with the health fund flag turned on.

🌟Improved (AU): $ Value discounts on invoices

$ value discounts can now be added to invoices on a line by line basis where the discounting feature flag is enabled for the practice.

🌟Improved (AU): Health Fund Claiming Payment Allocations

Customers can now un-explain cancelled claim payments allowing them to edit or delete invoices as needed.

🌟Improved (AU): Display State field in AU

We added a State field for AU addresses which will now display on their invoices and estimates.

πŸ’«Changed (AU): $0 Treatments can no longer be claimed or estimated

Health funds don't accept claims for $0 treatments. Previously this would cause the health fund estimate or the claim to fail in HICAPS.

When creating a Health Fund Estimate, Dentally won't send through treatment items with a $0 fee, however, the treatment item is still shown in the estimate that is generated.

πŸ’«Changed (AU): Claim cancellation

  • Health funds in AU state that electronic cancellations need to be done on the same day so we have implemented a rule where electronic cancellations can only be done within 24 hours of claim creation.

  • Cancellations (manual or electronic) within 24 hours will delete the claim payments instead of applying a negative claim payment to the patient account. Cancellations that are over 24 hours will create a negative payment to balance reporting accurately.


Bug Fixes:

πŸ› Fixed: Changing a patient's Payment plan updates the recall interval to the plan default.

Previously, where the patient used the payment plan default recall interval, changing the plan the patient was registered on also changed their interval to that new plan's default.

πŸ› Fixed: Email Inbox in a Multisite environment not showing full content when set to view 'All' until refreshed.

πŸ› Fixed: Right-click appointment cancellation reasons not closing when clicked in error.

πŸ›Fixed (AU): The payment plan was only showing GBP as currency. We have now included $ or € too depending on the country.

If you have any queries please talk to the Support team today or email us

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