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November 2021 - Changelog
November 2021 - Changelog

Please find below the changelog for November 2021 which summarises our latest product developments and updates.

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This month our development work has largely been heavily invested in background and performance upgrades as well as our usual improvements to existing functionality.

🌟 Improved: Updated wording of button for completing treatment plans from "Complete" β†’ "Complete treatment plan" to make it more clear the button marked the treatment plan as complete.


🌟 Improved: An improvement has been made when selecting start/end times in the Rota set up screens. Times can be selected and the selection screen closed before saving the entire set up page.

🌟 Improved: In multi-site correspondence if a patient's location is changed, any SMS or Email correspondence will move to the new location Inbox too.

🌟 Improved: In multi-site correspondence if a patient's incoming message comes from an unrecognised address or number, the correspondence is displayed in the 'All sites' Unassigned inbox. This means for multi-sites, incoming emails from unknown patients will be easier to find.

🌟 Improved: Patient Recall data is now available in the API, so this data can be reported on externally to Dentally where configured and required.

🌟 Improved: The NHS Orthodontic claim Approval Date is now available in the API, so this data can be reported on externally to Dentally where configured and required.

🌟 Improved: Performance improvements to the patient search fields. Users will now need to enter at least three characters to search for a patient, but the speed with which results are displayed has been increased.

🌟 Improved: Added patient stats to the public API.

🌟 Improved: The payment allocation report now includes inactive practitioners

🌟 Improved:We have removed the pink and blue icons next to a patients biological sex due to them not accurately inferring gender identity of a patient

Bug Fixes:

πŸ› The doctors dropdown in patient details was displaying Specialists as well as Doctors. This bug has been fixed so that only Doctors are displayed

πŸ› The Email inbox page markers were displaying 'page 1' as the selected page, regardless of the page chosen. This bug has been fixed and the correct page number is highlighted.

πŸ› Users can no longer delete individual charged treatment lines from Invoices. This returns the previous, correct functionality and removes the possibility of charted items being left uncharged.

πŸ› The hover 'Tooltip' on the 'Submit Claim' button on English NHS sites now has the correct wording for the type of claim to be sent.

πŸ› The hyperlinks on the payment allocation reports are now working again.

Patient Portal

🌟 Improved: New Patient Login - Now with international number support 🌏

To improve patients being able to log in to the Portal who don't have +44 mobile numbers, we've added support for all country codes

Screenshot 2021-11-02 at 11.34.11.png

🌟 Improved: New Patient Login - We've tweaked some of the wording displayed when patients create a Patient Portal account, based on user feedback.

If you have any queries then please let the Support team know.

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