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April 2021 - Changelog
April 2021 - Changelog

Please find below the changelog for April 2021 which summarises our latest product developments and updates.

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🆕 PDS Plus - If you have a PDS Plus contract then you are required to submit additional data when sending a claim.

To enable this feature you must tick the box in NHS contract table. Once enabled, you simply need to complete the PDS Plus questions at the beginning of the claim and the information will be sent.


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🆕 Patient Portal - Patient booking experience. We are now capturing the patients booking experience and using this to make sure we are building a better portal journey for your patients and improving outcomes for your practice.


🆕 Patient Portal - Legal requirements update. We've added the option to link your own privacy policy from your website. This is then displayed as a link on your Patient Portal. Learn more.

🆕 Patient Portal - Terms of use. All new patients when booking their first appointment are now required to accept the Patient Portal terms of use.

🌟 Improved: Audit History Panel. We have now expanded the ability for you to look at the audit history from the following:

  • patient details (icon is shown bottom right on the screen)

  • an appointment (from the calendar double click and also can be seen on patient appointments)

  • treatment plan items (see below the notes field)

Clicking on the icon will show the history panel and rather than the ID's of practitioners, patients and rooms - it will now show their name.

Screenshot 2021-03-08 at 14.19.11.png
Screenshot 2021-03-08 at 14.25.26.png

🌟Improved: We've updated the Xero integration to ensure it keeps working smoothly following changes Xero made to their developer APIs

🌟Improved: We've improved the search results shown when searching for a patient by a partial match of their mobile phone number

🌟COMING SOON: Improved: Patient Portal - We are working on designing a better login design for your patients using Patient Portal.

🌟Improved: Patient Portal - Security. We now send a secure verification passcode via email and SMS when patients try to login to Patient Portal.

🌟Improved: Patient Portal - To reduce the need for manual practice forms, we now auto log new patients into the portal when completing their first appointment booking. Prompting them to complete your practice forms digitally.

🌟Improved: Patient Portal - For us, making sure patients have completed every form digitally before they arrive is at the core of our ambitions as a team. So have made it visually easier for a patient to see when they've updated their medical history and can move onto the next form that needs completing.

Screenshot 2021-03-30 at 11.32.30.png

🐛 Fixed: We have improved the loading speed of tasks on each patient's record

🐛 Fixed: We have fixed an issue that could prevent NHS orthodontic claims in Scotland from being sent correctly if the patient had abandoned their course of treatment

🐛 Fixed: Our team have addressed an issue that caused certain reports to fail to load if the report referenced a patient that had just been deleted by another user.

🐛 Fixed: We fixed a timezone issue that caused problems for international customers.

Any queries then please do speak to the Support team.

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