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February 2021 - Changelog
February 2021 - Changelog

Please find below the changelog for February 2021 which summaries our latest product developments and updates.

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πŸ†• NHS Scotland Ortho: Interim payments are now displayed in the chart.


🌟Improved: Patient Portal. Practices now have greater control on their invoices. This includes:

  • The practice can enable/disable the feature (default: enabled)

  • Limit how far back invoices will be available online (default: 90 days)

  • Control if details (line items) of the invoice are visible / if a PDF copy can be download (default: items/PDF turned on)

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🌟 Improved: Draft NHS ortho claims in Scotland can now be deleted

🌟 Improved: We've added a new button to the email editor that allows HTML links to be easily added

🌟 Improved: Slight change to the SNOMED codes. We have added an β€œOther” option to the bottom of the list of codes that the NHS/BSA provided this. If you select β€œOther” then you will be presented with a free text box where you can enter any SNOMED code you wish to use.


πŸ› Fixed: The new patient's report only shows you the payment plans that are available at the location you've selected instead of all payment plans across all locations

πŸ› Fixed: A bug in Chrome version 88 and above caused checkboxes not to be displayed correctly so we've implemented a workaround.

πŸ› Fixed: Patient Portal. We have fixed the issue that some sites were experiencing with Google Analytics.

πŸ› Fixed: When exporting treatment plan reports for a specific location the location filter wasn't being respected correctly.

πŸ› Fixed: We fixed an issue that sometimes caused additional permissions not to be applied correctly when creating a new user account

If you have any queries then please do speak to our Support team in the app or email us

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