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August 2020 - Changelog
August 2020 - Changelog

Please find below the changelog for August 2020 which summarises our latest product developments and updates.

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🆕 COMING SOON: Automated Patient Communications. We are introducing new automation settings, which allow you to schedule messages around certain events.

Screenshot 2020-07-28 at 14.05.19.png

You can choose different SMS or email templates, set up triggers for the message to be sent (for example; a SMS check in message to be sent on the day of the patient appointment or a post appointment message to be sent a few hours or days after the patient's appointment).

Screenshot 2020-07-28 at 14.04.22.png

To find out more take a look at the Support document. This new feature is currently only available in Beta Test, if you would like to be involved then please do email us (Please watch this space for more details regarding a full release into Dentally).

🆕 New: Settings Change - Calendar. We have now changed the settings for the Calendar. All the functions of the calendar can now be found in one place, under 'Diary Options'.


In the new settings you can now change all the options for the diary including:

  • Minimum appointment duration

  • Appointment card printing

  • Recurring appointments

  • Session appointments

  • Appointment reasons

  • Cancellation reasons

  • Other including waiting room and waiting lists

To learn more read our new support article here.

🆕 New: We've updated the NHS FP17 form so that you can now report the number of Aerosol Generating Procedure (AGP) treatments that had been provided as part of the course of treatment. This field is optional and only applicable to practices in England.

🌟Improved: We've added a setting that allows you to chose when a medical history should be considered out of date. The medical history warning will then show on the patient's record at the appropriate time after their previous medical history has expired. Read how to do this here.

🌟Improved: Online Medical History Link - We have changed the way the Medical History works, by adding a new option to enable or disable the pre-filling of the new medical history based on the patient's last medical history. Details can be found here.


🌟Improved: NHS Claims Screen: We have given the NHS Claims screen a visual make-over to improve it's easy of use.


🌟Improved: NHS Scotland Ortho. We have made a number of improvements to the processes, these include annotations for Ortho submissions (which will allow you to click on the link and fill in an annotation for each of the teeth that are to be treated); plus we have now added a button next to incomplete treatments which will create a list of treatments. For more information please read our support article here.

🌟Improved: Patient Portal Medical History. The patient can now electronically sign their completed Medical History in the Patient Portal. Find information here.

🌟Improved: Online Appointment Booking. This has now been improved for Multi-Site Practices. The patient can now select which site (location) they would like to make an appointment. Read more.

Dentally Patient Portal Multi site -small.png

🌟Improved: Sundries for Multi-Site Practices. Each site in your group can now have their own list of sundry items. Sundries can also be shared between all of your sites if required.

🌟Improved: Patient Search Performance. We've made some changes behind the scenes so that patient search results are now returned twice as quickly as before.

🌟Improved: The waiting list report can now be filtered by the patient's payment plan.

🌟Improved: Dentally Chat. You'll now hear a sound when a new chat message is received. Additionally the list of users in Chat now shows those who are currently online at the top of the list.

🐛 Fixed: We have resolved the issue with unread Chat messages - so you have the option to expand the message to view it.

🐛 Fixed: We've fixed an issue on the calendar where the room selector would sometimes not show the correct list of rooms when switching between different sites.

🐛 Fixed: We have updated the default medical history template, so it has more relevant questions for the practice to use should they wish to use the default template.

🐛 Fixed: We've fixed a bug that prevented you from being able to correctly link two family members together.

If you have any queries then please do speak to the Support team.

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