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February 2020 - Changelog
February 2020 - Changelog

Please find below the changelog for February 2020 which summarises our latest product developments and updates.

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🆕 New: Extra User Permissions.  We've added a number of additional user permissions that can either:

  • allow users to do things that they currently are prevented from doing on their existing permission level

  • prevent users from doing something that is currently allowed on their current permission level.

Each of the additional permissions are opt-in only (they're off by default) and only apply to permission levels 1, 2 or 3. Level 4 users can still do everything. The existing permission levels remain exactly the same meaning that nothing will change until a practice grants a level 1, 2 or 3 user these extra permissions.  Read the Support documentation here

🆕 New: Ortho Data Tags:  We've added data tags for ortho assessments so that you can now use the automatically include the results of an ortho assessment in your letters and emails.

🌟Improved: Pop-Up Notes:  You can now hide all popup notes with a single click. In addition we have moved their location down very slightly so you can access the buttons at the top of the patient’s details page more easily whilst the notes are displayed.

🌟Improved: Patient Template Notes.  These have now been changed to not close after every click of a note.  You can now click multiple notes to build up a 'stack' of them to be added.  We have also added a history panel to show what you have added so far.

🌟Improved: Waiting List Report.  We have simplified the ordering and sorting of the results you are presented with, when you run this report.  We have also added a selectable side bar for easy date sorting.

🌟Improved: We've given the settings pages a spring clean so that they're easier to navigate.

🌟Improved: SIMD (Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation) has been updated to use the new 2020 dataset.

🌟Improved: We've made it easier to submit PFTR and patient refused treatment NHS claims in Scotland.

🌟Improved: We've added Switzerland to our list of supported countries 🇨🇭 

🌟Improved: Patient insurance number has been added to the list of data tags that you can use in emails, letters, invoices and estimates.

🐛 Fixed:  We've fixed a bug that caused the "+4 years" button to stop working when creating session appointments.

🐛 Fixed:  The "on" filter now works correctly across all time zones when filtering by date on the Patients Report.

Any queries please do contact us by email to talk to our Support Team.

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