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November 2019 - Changelog
November 2019 - Changelog

The changelog for November 2019 summarises all the latest product developments, updates and new features introduced to Dentally.

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Please find below the changelog for November 2019 which summarises our latest product developments and updates.

🆕 New: Right clicking on an appointment in the calendar is now even more useful as we've added an option to copy an existing appointment to the clipboard as an addition to the existing "Move to clipboard" option. As an extra bonus we've also added an option to open the existing patient record in a new tab which is super handy for those who like to multitask.

🆕 New: Completed treatment plans now show a green bubble with the date that they were completed.

🆕 New: Those practices with lots of letter templates will be pleased to hear that you can now search for the correct template when creating a new letter.

🆕 New: Dentally Chat now supports emojis 🎉

🌟Improved: UDA Report: The report now only shows practitioners with a valid performer number

🌟Improved: We've made some subtle but useful improvements to the treatment history section in Dentally. We've simplified the layout allowing you to see more information than before

🌟Improved: Paid invoices now show the payment method that was used to pay the invoice.

🌟Improved: We've made a number of small improvements to the patient NHS claims page making it easier for you to see which claim is associated with which treatment plan.

🌟Improved: The accounts report now allows you to exclude inactive patients.

🌟Improved: Estimates and invoices now display the tooth surface in addition to the tooth.

🌟Improved: When exporting a list of specialists or doctors the full address of the contact is now included in the export.

🌟 Improved: We've improved the layout of messages sent between yourself and the NHS in Scotland when submitting a prior approval.

🐛 Fixed: We've fixed an issue where the status of the referral wasn't immediately updated when creating a NHS referral.

🐛 Fixed: If you were using the calendar from a different timezone to that of the practice the date displayed at the top of the calendar could be wrong. It will now show the correct date based on the location of your practice.

🐛 Fixed: A bug that prevented you from being able to charge a treatment with a value of more than 100,000. We now support treatment prices of up to one quadrillion which should be enough for the foreseeable future.

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