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September 2019 - Changelog
September 2019 - Changelog

The changelog for September 2019 summarises all the latest product developments, updates and new features introduced to Dentally.

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Please find below the changelog for August and September 2019 which summarises our latest product developments and updates.

🆕 New: SIMD. Following feedback from customers, we have incorporated the SIMD (Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation) identification into Dentally so that will appear on a patient’s record. If you need to look up the Patient’s SIMD quotient, you can simply click on the magnifying class and the score will be shown. By using the patient’s postcode it will notify the dental practitioner, whether or not the patient lives within one of the deprived areas listed in the index. Once you have clicked to the magnifying glass to show the score, it will retain this data on the patient’s record for future reference. To learn more click here.

🌟 Improved: Navigation Amend. We have changed the way the navigation works when clicking into the NHS page in a patient’s record. It now remembers which tab you last visited and takes you back there next time. e.g. if you last looked at the claims tab it’ll go straight to the claims tab next time you go to the NHS page (on any patient record)

🌟 Improved: The patient's audit history now shows the number of changes associated with each item.

🐛 Fixed: The invoice edit icon would sometimes be partially hidden on smaller screen sizes.

🐛 Fixed: We've fixed an issue that prevented NHS Scotland practices from being able to submit continuation claims correctly.

🐛 Fixed: An issue that prevented some NHS claim continuation cases from being submitted correctly for practices in Scotland.

🐛 Fixed: We've fixed an issue with newer versions of Google Chrome that caused some popups to grow too large and display additional white space.

🐛 Fixed: When editing an existing appointment on the calendar, the time picker wouldn't correctly show the previously selected option until a new option was clicked. It now shows your existing selection immediately.

🐛 Fixed: Medical history questions now display correctly when viewing the audit history for a medical history

🐛 Fixed: The list of changes displayed against a item in a patient's audit history are now scroll-able. This only affected changes where the information was too big to fit on a single page - like medical history questions!

🐛 Fixed: We've improved the wording on the NHS exemptions tab to make it clear if the patient didn't have any previous NHS exemptions.

🐛 Fixed: Previously it was possible to create a referral without selecting a practitioner which meant that the practitioner details weren't passed to your referral provided meaning the needed to be manually added to the referral later on. We've now changed it so that you must select a practitioner when creating a new referral. This will be the patient's dentist by default.

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