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June 2019 - Changelog
June 2019 - Changelog

The changelog for June 2019 summarises all the latest product developments, innovation, updates and new features introduced to Dentally.

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Please find below the changelog for June 2019 which summarises our latest product developments and updates.

🆕 New: BEWE: Following recent feedback we have now added the option to record a Basic Erosive Wear Examination (BEWE) within Dentally. To learn more read our blog.

🆕 New: You can now search for patients by ID or legacy ID. Read more about this here.

🆕 New: Working Feedback. We are delighted to announce that Dentally now integrates with Working Feedback, a simple solution that delivers consistent patient feedback - designed specifically for practices. Find out more here.

🆕 New Reports Update. We have made yet further changes to some of the reports. Some of them now have a new refresh icon. This means, you can refresh the report without reloading or altering a filter then setting it back again. It’s on the sidebar above the filters.

The icon features on the following reports:

  • Posted Letters (Dentally Mail)

  • Recall Workflows

  • NHS UDAs

  • Takings

  • Treatment Plan

  • Income

In addition the Recall Workflow and Waiting Lists report now have a reset icon. This allows you to reset the report filters to the defaults. This saves you having to reload the whole page or unset each filter.

🆕 New Unposted Letters Reports. We have also updated the report titled; the unposted letters report, which is now the posted letters report. You can see all of the unposted Dentally Mail and use the date filter to see all of the previously posted Dentally Mail. You can also see letters that were printed in the practice vs posted. In addition the billing page now shows a breakdown of how many different types of letter have been posted this month. i.e. 20 recall letters, 5 FTA letters, 1 account letter.

🆕 New Rejected Email: Emails that are returned to Dentally as undelivered are now returned to the inbox in the same way that rejected SMS are. Plus this will also set the patients use email flag to No.

🌟Improved: Online appointment booking has seen a number of important updates including:

  • Customise the branding of the online appointment booking mobile site by adding your own logo and practice colours.

  • Email now contain a calendar invite for patients to add their appointments directly to the calendar.

  • You can now restrict what types of recall appointments patients can book.

  • Patients can view their outstanding account balances and make a payment directly online via credit or debit card.

🌟Improved: Report Updates: We have improved the width of reports and horizontal scrolling for key columns, so you don't lose the data shown in these columns when producing reports.

🌟Improved: Perio Updates: We have made several changes to six pocket perio charting including adding a new warning if you try and navigate to away from the perio chart without first saving your work. We've made comparing plaque and bleeding scores easier by keeping you in the same tab when switching between different exams.

🌟Improved: User Interface: The interface in Dentally has changed very subtly, we've released a change to increase the contrast of the labels. This makes them easier to see in poor lighting, low end hardware, or for people with slight vision impairments.

🌟Improved: You can now cancel an NHS claim that has been queued to be transmitted to the NHS from within the patients record. Previously this would have required that you contact support to action it for you.

🌟Improved: BPEs can now be edited for up to 24 hours after they were created.

🌟Improved: NHS Practices in Scotland will now find fee code 0141 Domiciliary Exam has been added to their list of treatments following a change to the SDR.

🐛Fixed: We've fixed a bug with the iPad app that prevented some patients from being able to sign their treatment plans correctly.

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