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May 2019 - Changelog
May 2019 - Changelog

The changelog for May 2019 summarises all the latest product developments, innovation, updates and new features introduced to Dentally.

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Please find below the changelog for May 2019 which summarises our latest product developments and updates.

New: Waiting Lists. We have developed waiting lists within Dentally, so that you can easily track and report on patients that are waiting for an appointment, as well as being able to set this against your own specific practice targets for seeing patients. It will not only save you time managing different waiting lists, it will help you fill cancelled appointments with priority patients, manage your lab work, allow you to track who has an outstanding requirement for an appointment or examination and run your waiting lists more efficiently. To learn more, click here.

🆕 New: Create and Edit Doctors. We have now introduced new functionality that allows any user to create and edit doctors (name, address, number etc) from anywhere that they can search for them. At present that includes: patient’s details page, create new/edit existing phone call, create new/edit existing letter and create new/edit existing waiting list entry. The small blue plus icon next to the grey search icon - it launches a pop-up to create a new doctor. If the doctor’s details are already filled in then the plus icon becomes an edit icon to edit the doctor’s details instead.

🆕 New: Reporting. We have added in some changes to the sidebar, to make it easier for you to filter and review reports and added additional attributes. We have been changing our reports to have a similar overall feel, so if you know how to run one report, you should know how to run them all! We have also added additional filters and options; for example you can now order various reports by the oldest or newest results; there are additional columns of information on treatment plan reports and helpful tips to give you information on what the information means.

🆕 New: Favourite Reports. This is a new feature to allow you to star your favourite reports (this can be done for each user), so they then appear at the top of the reports page. In addition we have introduced some new icons to reports:

padlock = a permission based report

circle/cert = a report in beta

empty star = not a favourite report

full star = a favourite report

This should enable you to use the reporting function much more quickly, and quickly find the reports you need without the need for scrolling.

🆕 New: NHS Claims. We have now introduced a way for dental practitioners to cancel their own claims within an hour for NHS England and Wales work. If you wish to cancel the sending of a claim you can now do this, take them out of the queue and set them as new. If you wish to then send the claim at a later date, just pick it up and submit as normal.

🌟Improved: We have updated the patient links from reports. This enables you to click on an icon which has a link to open the patient's record in a new tab - this means you can check the patient's record, close that tab and return to the report where you left it.

🌟Improved: NHS Claims. We now display treatment plan start and end dates on the patient NHS tab. This will make the diagnosis of rejected claims easier.

🐛Fixed: Patients by age report. The bug with this report has now been resolved and shows the correct data.

🐛Fixed: Treatment Plans. We have now prevented the deletion of a treatment plan when it as associated with a prior approval for NHS Scotland. The bug with this report has now been resolved and shows the correct data.

If you would like to find out more about our latest product changelog or have any specific queries, please email us

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